Why is Rolex Getting Too Hard to Buy?

Rolex makes several of the world’s most legendary watches, like the Submariner, Daytona, as well as traditional Oyster. The Swiss company is believed to make about one million wrist watches each year, each one by hand. However, new Rolexes can be tough to discover for a buyer without a well-established partnership with an authorized representative.

Although the supply of Rolex watches might have briefly been interfered with by manufacturing as well as supply chain issues at the optimal of the coronavirus pandemic, that’s not the reason they’re so tough to locate, approximately costly when you do find one.

It’s everything about the Rolex business design

The problems of the past two years are a plain spot compared to bigger patterns taking place in the high-end watch market usually, as well as with Rolex especially.

Rolex seems to have actually structured their company in such a way that they’re regulating the distribution and who obtains what, at a retail degree. A decade ago, most designs were readily available on-demand from authorized suppliers of the brand.

Rolex did not respond to ask for comment on this story, yet when Yahoo Finance covered the shortage, the firm broke its particular silence to state that “the scarcity of our products is not an approach on our part.”

The statement additionally explained that all Rolex watches are assembled by hand at one of its 4 areas in Switzerland, a process that “normally restricts the production abilities.”

On a check out to a dealer this summer season, there was just one Rolex readily available to purchase, Rolex watch women [นาฬิกาโรเล็กซ์ผู้หญิง, which is the term in Thai] Datejust that a client had purchased and then terminated.

Watches are still flowing to the brand name’s favored ADs, which the backlog is extra impression than truth, as Rolex is generally believed to produce as numerous as a million watches per year.