How to Read Trading Charts Like a Pro: Best App Options for Beginners

Trading has become increasingly popular in recent years with people seeking to earn more money through investing. However, successfully navigating trading can be daunting, with many traders unsure of how to interpret trading charts. Reading charts is essential to trading, and doing it like a pro can make all the difference between winning and losing. This blog post is aimed at beginners, and it outlines the best app options to help them read trading charts like a pro.

Understanding Trading Chart Basics

Every trading chart offers a picture of how a market performs at any given moment. As a beginner, understanding these charts might seem intimidating, but it’s essential for successful trading. Trading charts allow you to identify patterns, trends, significant price levels, and other valuable information used to make profitable trades.

Decoding Common Trading Chart Terms for Beginners

Before diving deeper, it is essential to familiarize yourself with some common terminology used in trading charts. These terms include:

– Price Chart: This is a graph that displays how an asset’s price changes as time passes.

– Timeframe: This refers to the period over which the chart’s data is displayed. Time frames range from minutes to years.

– Candlestick Chart: This is a type of price chart that shows the opening, closing, highest, and lowest prices within the time frame selected.

– Moving Average (MA): This is a calculation of the average price of a financial instrument over a specific period.

– Support & Resistance Levels: These levels are based on the market price, and they indicate a point on the chart where the market is likely to rebound or reverse.

Key Features to Look for in a Trading Chart App

When looking for the best trading chart apps for beginners, consider the following features:

– Customizable Indicators: These are computer-generated tools traders use to interpret market patterns. They are essential to understanding trading chart data and making profitable trades.

– Multiple Timeframes: You should look for an app that provides multiple time-frame options so that you can quickly zoom in and out of market trends to make informed decisions.

– Customization Features: A good trading chart app should offer customizable options that allow users to adjust the app’s interface and settings to suit their preferences.

How to Use Trading Chart Apps Like a Pro.

Here are some tips and tricks to navigate trading equity apps like a pro:

– Start with the basics: Before using advanced trading charts, start with basic charts to develop a strong understanding of market patterns, trends, and other fundamental concepts.

– Practice makes perfect: Consistent practice is essential to understanding chart analysis and trading. Begin by investing small amounts of money to practice trading and gain experience.

– Use technical indicators: Technical indicators are powerful tools that can provide valuable information such as potential trends, reversals, and other patterns that make profitable trades.

Ways to Customize Trading Chart App Settings to Suit Your Trading Preferences

Customizing your trading chart app to suit your trading preferences is essential to successful chart analysis. Here are some ways to customize your trading chart app settings:

– Choose your favorite color scheme: Most trading chart apps have a range of color schemes. Choose a scheme that suits you and your trading strategy.

– Adjust timeframes: It’s vital to select the right time frame for your trading style. Choose a time frame that suits your strategy and allows you to identify trends accurately.

– Add custom indicators: Custom indicators will help you understand market trends and patterns. You can add custom indicators in the buying stocks today, and you can also download free and paid indicators from online sources.


To read trading charts like a pro, beginners need to select the right app, familiarize themselves with the basics of trading charts, and customize the app to suit their trading preferences. The above-discussed apps, features, tips, and tricks will help beginners navigate trading chart apps like pros and improve their chances of making profitable trades.